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Party with a dpg

Verse 1)

Stacey Boots perms and suits I'm braided up can fade it up

I skated up you waited up so you know I got to go ahead and tear shit up

Turn lose on these muthafuckers Jelly Roll

Nephew boy this shit is out of control

Rockin rollin bangin b

A little something something nigga thats banged up streets

Freak freak yall into the beat ya'll

And to all my big doggs grab your meat cha'll

And yes, yes ya'll, oh we the best ya'll

We got the shit that make the bitches grab they breast ya'll

It don't stop till the wheels fall off

954 headed swervin in the goodin clinic, tryin keep it hot right

Fuckers spot light, my nigga Jelly Roll make it knock light


We all shinin' stars

Ya'll know who you are

And dip low lows with me

You party with a D.P.G.

(Verse 2)

We ridin, dippin, slippin, slidin, eastside up eastsiders

Riders, ballers, rollers, ladies,

players, gangstas, macks, pimps, and 'llacs

Hustlers, bitches, niggas and G's, we having big thangs blowing trees

Shinin, grinin, refuse to lose

I gotta a G in my pocket for dippin out of shoes

I head the corner in the Navigator

Committed to excellence like a Raider

You hate a nigga like me but you got to love me

Your lady wanna shove me and your kids wanna hug me

A nigga fuckin like Buggsy Seagal again, I'm in the ringle again

I do it all legal again, I can't lose you won't win, respect the boss

If you run up, you gettin done up, I love to floss


(Verse 3)

Why you acting bad, probably cause I'm know as the bad actor

In the rap game I'm the big factor, macker, smack a bitch in a second

The big dogg nigga very well respected

You gotta put your mash down when you wanna get to the top

The game is stuffy like Puffy don't stop

I thought I told ya, nigga I'm a soldier

No Limit Lieutenant, yeah I did it

I'm committed like a motherfucker supposed to be

Won't let no bitch niggaz close to me

From my head to my feet I'm protected from harm

Cause I'm a muthafucking shining star, you feel me

And fuck who wanna kill me

you niggaz thrill me, but guess what will be

On top tip top, non stop, dogg not

And you gotta let me end, the nigga I'm a shine like a G


Снуп Догг

Party with a dpg / Снуп Догг

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