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Corridors To The Abyss

Corridors to the abyss

Ancient path of harassment
leads into abhorrence crypts
million years of suffering
in the kingdom of the damned

Black abyss
beholder of natural fear

Monstrous faceless beings
crawl in the ancient pit
macabre putrescence creations are
mortifying maliciously

Perpetual diabolical vortex
taunting malignant wrath

Black behemoth – sinuous serpent
monstrosity – custodian of diabolical
spirits – spawn of abhorrence disgust
inperpetuaty shackled in chronic fear

Corridors to the abyss

Doomed souls dwell
in this vault
dark roads to purgatory
harbingers of the abyss everlasting corridors


Corridors To The Abyss / Sinister

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