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Give It 2 Em Dogg

[Goldie Loc]

Give it up, give it up nigga, you know what's happenin

Lil Goldie Loc'll keep the DoggHouse crackin, lackin

We usin dubs for the subs and 15's for the tweeters posted up by

The tray, like gangstas with the heaters

Gangbangin is my shit nigga

Is you still gon be my homie if I get a little bigger

Fuck a bitch, never switches my motto

And if you disagree with me watch out for my hollows

Booyaka, booyaka, that's the sound from a cannon

Ouick to leave a motherfucker dead right where you're standin

You wanna roll with the doggs, but you can't

You too busy ridin nuts fool, get out the paint

HOOK: Snoop Dogg

We came to give you what the fuck you want

(Give it to em dogg, do it to em dogg....)

We came to give you what the fuck you want

(Give it to em dogg, yeah, yeah, bang bang...)

[Snoop Dogg]

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, ya bound to get dirty

Ya herdy, was servin, birdies, for herby and scrappy

That nigga lyin dogg go on and slap him

That's probably how rumors get started

See niggas be yappin off at the mouth

And don't be havin their heart in

Suckers, that's probably why I stay in the hills

And let my pitbulls smash on niggas that feel

I owe em somethin, dogg, throw me somethin

Nigga throw me somethin, shit I'm doin badder than you

And I aint even fakin or frontin

So, quit the hatin 'fore I start dumpin

I jump in the 8 5 0 and smash on out

Meet me and Goldie Loc at the DoggHouse

Smoked out, Hennessy and plenty weed

Wit mo bitches, 4 bitches, some cole bitches, c'mon bitches

[Tray Deee]

We cold vicious, known pimpin, with no simpin

Stone crippin, low clippin, 4's drippin

Wet from my set, ch

Снуп Догг

Give It 2 Em Dogg / Снуп Догг

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