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Snoops Upside Ya Head


I think it's bout' time that we hit these n***as upside

the head with some of that west coast

gangsta' sh......... Ooh.....Wee!!!!!!!!!!

1st Verse:

It's a whole 'nother day

I'm back up in ya'

Snoop D-O-Double G

I representa'

Been away for a while but you all know

I'm still doggystylin' on Death Row

Got shit locked down

Sewed up

So If you plan on comin' out nigga hold up.

This a stick up

dick up

They got yo' shit on the shelf, oh mine is too

and guess who they gon' pick up?

Some niggas think they know they shit

But they don't

Some M-A's escape

Some won't

Bumpin' heads with niggas

Where you from?

East Side Long Beach, nigga, 2-1

The homie just got paroled

And he got more stories than the highway patrol

Tellin' me about the money Suge Knight stole

But I'll make that shit late

Cause nigga I get swole

Niggas tryin' to get in, to get out.

Put me up on game tellin' me who gon' jack me

But ever since

I was a puppy

till I was paroled

I never had no other dog pullin' on my chrome.


Say Snoop's upside yo' head,

say Snoop's upside yo' head. (4x)

2nd Verse:

Niggas in the game be doin' way too much

Akin' tough with this east-west coast stuff.

See Me

I'm all about my money mane

I stay fly and dry

I don't get caught up in the rain

Cuz game recognize game

No matter where you from

We all can get dumb, insane and

turn the party out

without a doubt


you them niggas who ain't got no clout

LBC and B what?

Uh, my crew -aca

Снуп Догг

Snoops Upside Ya Head / Снуп Догг

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