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Doing Too Much

[Snoop Dogg]


Aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo Quik check this out dog

You know mothafuckers be doin way way too mothafuckin much

You know? That's real

Just like baby right here, she doin too much

Now if that nigga next to you got a rented car

And he actin like it's his but you know it's not

Say he doin too much, yeah nigga you doin too much

And if that stuck-up bitch got the bar posted-up

She actin like that hair's hers but you know what's up

Say she doin too much, yeah baby you doin too much

I gave my kinfolk the keys to my Suburb

I told em "Hit the side and slide and get the herb"

But guess who's callin, Pipedream Patty

Made that nigga park my whoride beside the alley

Forget about that nigga though (fuck that nigga)

Fuck that nigga yo

But I can't forget about him cuz he taught me everything I know

Oh no Joe, walkin down the wrong lane

Tootin on that cocaine, fuckin wit that wrong thang

Niggas like that (what), get things like they want it (damn)

Then fake the funk, doggonnit

Now loc, look at this predicament

You smoked out and can't be trusted, I can't kick it wit

Niggas like you, used to be in my crew

Goddamn, they don't make niggas like they used to

I remember Marley Marl and the Juice Crew

That's probably why I keep a tight grip on my deuce-deuce

Now if you're doin for your family and you can't stand it

Cuz you know these mothafuckers tryin take advantage

Say they doin too much, yeah nigga you doin too much

And if your kinfolk broke and he smoke dope

And he need to catch a mothafuckin different stroke

Say he doin too much, yeah Joey you doin too much

We parlay, parlay everyday DPG style

We might t

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Doing Too Much / Снуп Догг

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