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 Снуп Догг Снуп Догггангста-рэппер

We be Puttin it Down

(Dogg Pound Gangstas rip) x2

Verse 1-Bad A$$

Word on tha streets, see it aint nobodies business

secret to keep, so keep heat incase things get deep

peace box is where it starts, scarred flesh and broke hearts

since a kid this is how we live, aint nuttin to look forward to

schools full of devils

the church don't work cuz all the lies that they tell us

ya'll it'll be hell before we get there

survivin guns and drugs and see if you can deal with this germ warfare

thats endin us

they anti-christ, I'm anti-fair, anti-vice, anti-nice, anti-spice

up your life, I'll make you love it

cuz it's real and you bump it cuz it's tight

yeah, people make the world go round, and it's a gang

of us all gathered up in our game colors

man, these my gang brothas

what, you aint heard of us

you aint never ever heard the word murderer's

we make the news what it is

you ask what is this

we the reason why the police in business

so run up on us with your knife and your pistols

we'll plague your character with rifles and missils

I dropped my pack and drove my back to the eastside

smash in this coupe with my passenger Snoop.

Chorus: Snoop Dogg

(Dogg Pound Gangstas rip)

Them Long Beach niggas be puttin it down

Dogg Pound Gangstas make the world go round

(Dogg Pound Gangstas rip)

so get cha' ass up just to get on down

Snoop Dogg and Bad A$$ is puttin it down


Verse 2-Snoop Dogg

Never pause on my feet, I'm DPG, LBC, me and B-A-D

low ridin', and Navigators foe the haters

I take some for now, and save some for later

smoke with Coke Loc

a dip with Tip Tip

get heat a chrome plate, a D from Tray Deee

livin that DP, give me that ST

in a 4-0 a 0-E from my OG

and a bag of them ol' hot ass skins

some Colt for this hand

and some juice for this gin

aint no bitch like this bitch I got

cuz this bitch I got, clock nots and rocks

money, cheese, paper, fedio get doctor Nedios, and stank is steady goin

bangin that, slangin that, and hangin that every corner

from up north to Dogg Pound California

you heard of that gangstaville

the city where they don't talk and everybody C-walk

it's a dirty shame, but it's a dirty game

and you got to have heart from the start man

fake snitches and fake bitches

thats probably why I break niggas and break bitches

word on the streets Bad A$$ is a fool

then he fuckin with his homeboy from the old school

Low life gangstas, Dogg Pound gangstas, put them all together

man I love gangstas

head, shoulders, feet and toes

lets dip to the club and bust some hoes

V.I.P. on DPG, Snoop D-O double G, and the B-A-D

Chorus x1

Verse 3-Bad A$$

Only talk what you know

I never seen you round the Pound

so won't you keep the eastside and deez out ya mouth

don't speak on dat

don't bring up Daz and Kurupt, just to say wussup, nigga hit my blunt

we keep a money move, hate while we regulate

and get real papes, rich like Bill Gates

while you make it to the Haters Hall of Fame

we'll be whippin Navigators

winnin this baller's game

yellin Long Beach niggas keep puttin it down

Lowlife and at the Pound while we smoke on an ounce

steady plottin on big mail

layin in the hotel

chop my quarters down to dubs and watch my dope sell

I hit Darochee come and scoop me

drop me off ?and they was snoopy's? said he puffed a little ?play?

and shorty played it only ?twice?

ay, they set a 8 beat

it's them and 6 hoes in a jeep

they better go flag em' down in the street

ay, follow us to the spot

while the playa hatas pray that we stop

Chorus x2

Снуп Догг

We be Puttin it Down / Снуп Догг

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