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I Will Survive


By dawn's early light

I shine brighter than the stars in the night

And 'bout ready for a fight

Come noon, I've consumed enough juice

To cut loose and throw a mic to the moon

Since I'm the sun, I'll make you one, it's all for fun

I'm torching hot and all the same

From playing war games with Saddam Hussein

Now who's sane? I'm insane, my membrane's on cold-grown

The tempature's rising, to fry the cells in your dome

It might be on, and if you think so, you know me

It's Tech Caponey, the Doggfather's little homey

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]

Ain't that somethin', how I got little homeys now?

I remember when I was just a little bow-wow

Writing for my rep, calling 'fore I step

Now I put niggas in the game just to stay on deck

High profile, but my style low-pro

Top dogg on the Row, Doggystyle C.E.O.

And I blow the best indo, that you know of

So when I'm in your town, dip down, and show love

You know what? What's up? Shit, I'm feeling good now

You better come and get me 'fore I fall into a freestyle


They say, what's a rapper? Well nigga, what's an emcee?

If they don't got the skills, then they don't roll with me

Ain't that the truth?, I'm bulletproof off the roof

I got a mic and a fix, that'll jack you for your tooth

I'm out for rep, but how long will it last?

I'm coming up quick, cause broke niggas need cash

At last, I'm at the top, so I maintain now

Gotta bang now, nigga this Doggystyle

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]

All she ever wanted was a small time, love thang

Got my homey caught up in the dope game, coke game

He so sprung, on top of that he young

He's only thirteen years old, and the world's so cold

He never took the time-out to fall down on his knees

Until he fucked his G, got some keys, now they's enemies

The niggas he grew up with, they put him in the game

Now they 'bout to take him out the game

Man it's a shame, but you know how that shit go

That's life in the fast lane, that's why I roll ??

[Chorus]: Kurupt,(Snoop), <*some singing in the backgound*>

I'd rather not get shot

I'd rather sit in the studio and rock spots

Dogg Pound, Doggystyle, we're one big family, it's all DPG (DPG)

I got a G on the best bomb money can buy

I ain't out for no homicides, I'm out to survive

Dogg Pound, Doggystyle, one big family, it's all DPG (DPG)


(Niggas) Niggas and hoes will try to get you twisted

But I'm unlisted in the books

You base your life on that, you might get your life took, BLAOW!

Put me in the game, I'm riding hard 'til I win

Serve a crew, kill a few niggas, 'til the end

I mean, I'm a fiend for superior green

And all my life I got advice from a superior team

I gotta stay away from the casket

Don't get blasted, and tell my kids how I lasted

But my crew's mafioso, so my philoso-

Phy is to G to the day that I d-i-e <*echoes*>

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]

Snoop Dogg, smooth and imperial

Wake up every morning to my Lucky Charms cerials

Time's getting drastic, man I'm a flas it

Dogg Pound Gangstas' choking off that boombastic

Have you ever heard?

I'm loose, shook the feds, like the juice, Snoop Dogg is 121st proof

Fool, you's a deuce, Deuce is some Genuine Draft

I'm a genuwine, like ??, and all about cash, cash,

Cash, I got some free, so indeed I gets the lighter for the hash

Has it ever been a time when you didn't have a dime

To your name, and the only way to gain is through crime?

Sometimes I used to pack, one time I got jacked by some sacs

But you know I got mine, you know about the Don Corleone

I'm-a survive and thank God for Lil' Spanky B. and Bone

[Chorus]: Kurupt,(Snoop), <*some singing in the backgound*>

<*singing in the backgound continues until the end*>

Снуп Догг

I Will Survive / Снуп Догг

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