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I Miss That Bitch(feat. E. White


This one right here is dedicated to a lot of famous players out there

That might have been in love before

I know some of you might not think gangstas fall in love (I miss that bitch)

But uh, it's true

If you been in love like I been in love before, you know

It's hard to get with somebody once they gone (I miss that bitch)

It's hard to replace that special someone

When they just up and you know

Dip dive and so socialize

And what we gon do right here (I miss that bitch)

We go'n kick something over this HiTek beat right here

For all the players that lost somebody special

And wonder where she at

E. White kick that shit (I miss that bitch)

[E. White]

I got my eyes wide open

The whole time I'm holding on to hope with you on my mind

It's been a while child, I'm getting down with Dogg

I bet my name all around your wall

Perhaps I went to jail

That left us out of touch

Shoulda shot some mail or something

Ain't no telling where she at now

I be God damn

Baby I really wanna see what you got now

I'm all grown up with my shit together

I don't know if I'mma see you ever

I got a woman and shit,but I must admit this

You at the top of my list


Fuck with them nigga do

I still miss, there aint no getting rid of you

But in the mean time I'mma get with cha

Until I get somebody with your hook up Imma hit ya


I miss that bitch

She was a pot of gold

Her body was cold

I don't know where you went

Where did you go (I miss that bitch)

Shopping around looking around

I'm try to see

Where could you be

How could you do this to me (I miss that bitch)


My momma got mad

I was young when I hooked up with her

One hit and I couldn't stop trippin

A long lasting relationship

Pass you around, and let my niggas take a hit

I used to break you down just to roll you up

You the real, you never will slow me up

And you was always on my mind

Say no more

I still miss you at times

All of a sudden you lost my interest

I packed it up and set about my business

You used to have a hold on me

Sometimes to the point that they said you controlled me

I kept going to jail and all that

Get out, fuck with you again, I'm right back

I guess I had to learn the hard way baby

I'm leaving you alone cause you driving me crazy (I miss that bitch)



Mary, mary, mary

Quite contrary


Every time I think about that girl

Make a nigga wanna have a wet dream

Release some steam

ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh

I miss that bitch

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I Miss That Bitch(feat. E. White / Снуп Догг

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