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Yes...this is me

the bad bad dolomite

And im ready to put me in the whitehouse..

Makre me the president,

Im gonna move on my first act

Im gonna get me 2000 raggedy ass painters to paint the motherfucking

whitehouse black.

Dolomiote...for your president.

Im gonna legalize every motherfucking thing,

Somone ask me how i stand on marijuanna, very high, baby, very high.

How i stand on prostitution? I dont stand on it ... i lay on it.

Im gonna legallize sellin pussy; sell it, sell it, sell your pussy girls.

Pussy will sell'

if pussy dont sell, grits aint groceries, eggs aint poultry, and Mona Lisa is a

motherfucking man.

Снуп Догг

Dolomite / Снуп Догг

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