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Bo$$ Playa(feat. Don Magic Juan

[Intro - Don Magic Juan (echo)]

Boss Playa .. Boss Playa ..

Big Snoop Dogg .. is a Boss Playa

This is the archbishop .. Don Magic Juan

Skin and game, cheah

[Chorus - Snoop Dogg]

Many people don't be knowin' about this pimp game (pimp game)

But I'm sure they wanna know about this pimp game (pimp game)

And to me you know it aint no motherfuckin' thang

To give it to you plain and simple, cause you know its played

Holla at 'em Doggy Dogg, go and do that thang (go ahead)

Ok son, I'll tell ya like my nigga "Pootie Tang"

I got that bounce, to make her booty swang

That little cutie thang, 'fraid she's a beauty bang

[Verse 1 - Snoop Dogg]

Rollin' with a player cause thats what he was

And dedicated to his paper, Jesus

On his bitches (hard as feeds uck)

And if them law boys pull him over he won't freeze up

He got the heata-fa-heata and the keysa

With a pocket full of big faced Visas

They say its cheaper to keep her, now baby ease up

Kick back and blaze some of these trees up

Now sit your ass in the treesa

And do me a favor and turn the music up

Should I slap her, or should I freak her

I'll take the stronga, you can have the weaka

Speak when spoken to, yeah I broke a few

And by the way I was hoping you

Had a freak for me and a freak for you

I make 'em do for us

The thang you been wantin' her to do for months


[Don Magic Juan - talking]

This is the Chairman of the Board ..

The archbishop Don Magic Juan ..

Big Snoop Dogg .. is a boss playa

As a matter a fact

I was there when he was crowned 'Boss Playa', cheah

[Verse 2 - Snoop Dogg]

I had three on my right arm and four on my left

Lime green and gold, we was sharp to death

Had to catch my breath, watch my step

Playin' this game, you can holla at the ref

And call a timeout, before you put your dime out

Stop, pause, rewind before you put your rhyme out

And go to the "Wizard of Oz"

And tell 'em that your tryin' to get yourself a brand new heart

A brand new start

Cause you realized that you hadn't played your part

And that was smart

It's like a art the way I articulate

And break these bitches from state to state

See, I've been the flyest since I came out the gate

I ain't ask for it homie I just shake and bake

I won't fake to make you buy my tape

I say a prayer to the Lord just to keep my faith

Fuck straight


[Break - Snoop Dogg (female voice)]

Will you steal for me? (Yes I will)

Will you kill for me? (Yes I will)

Would you lie to me? (Never)

Would you die for me? (Whenever)

Will you steal for me? (Yes I will)

Will you kill for me? (Yes I will)

Would you lie to me? (Never)

Would you die for me? (Whenever, whenever)

[Don Magic Juan - talking]

Big Snoop Dogg, lets you know ..

That this game ain't for no lame ..

If you got heart, you can play this game

But if your heart ain't right

We got a remedy for that, too

You gotta go see the wizard .. to get you some heart

And the archbishop Don Magic Juan is the Wizard

That's got the game .. for them lame

Boss Playa .. Boss Playa .. that's what this gang is all about

Boss Playa


[Outro - Woman talking]

Gangsta, Gangsta, where you been?

Round the corner messin' with brothanem

Youngsta, Youngsta, you at it again?

Poppin' gats for the fuck of it, when you know you got ends

I don't think that you should be in the streets like that

You know you the fashion type of cat

Always in them stores, with major whores

Doin' things, bling bling

West Coast runnin', lovin', hustlin' smokin', always chokin' in the green

With the sticky in yo hand fo sho

Everybody round ya cause they know you got mo'

Wet Cristal, you like to get wild

You like to dip in yo sexy shit

Rollin' through them streets, poppin' CPT

L.B.C. rollin' with me, ohh

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Bo$$ Playa(feat. Don Magic Juan / Снуп Догг

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