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No More

Brave courage in solitude, regrets fall down slowly in the air
Immersed in a cheerless lifetime, bury it in my heart
Empty silent deep dark night, arrange my messy thinking
Intoxicate and wear away, my thread had breaks away

No more plaint of emotion, rhyme flows through the air to carry on again
Farewell to the past and leave apart, retrieve eternity

Sign and wander in the night, follow the steps and look up to the sky
Pace back in the old times, reminiscence in my mind
Day replaced the night quietly, wash off the silent affliction
The unforgettable heartbreak, falling down in my dream

No more tales of sorrow, the dying affection, a boil flaring
Even if sadness along worry, search for rebirth in next life

Still no return, with belief or just a vision
I expect myself to break this world, no more survive


No More / Seraphim

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