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 Seraphim Seraphimрок-группа


Metamorphosis of evening haze, calm and steady in tranquility
Wave a farewell to the grey past, no more stray into a pathway
Suddenly realization of fate, abandon profound trepidation
Intricate way before my eyes, can I introspect or lose a way?

The broken vision of life, right or wrong in speculation
Fumble and seek for reality, fearless to face that

Exhausted heart and soul, risky disheveled night
Fate in chaos with hardship, hard to quit

Waiting a chance in circulation, why insist on meditation?
Suddenly open the lock of creatures, I make up my mind straight to carry on
The snow reflected to moonlight shadow, falling stars shine the night for a while
Sprinkle planet spread wings and fly, even though how danger where was

Echo is ringing, midnight prologue had unsealed
Endless firelight emblaze the torch of destiny

As the coming way to retrace the meticulous thoughts
Lead a stoic life and walk through the instantaneous eternity

Extremely red hot flame, landslide and temblor are unfailing to destroy
Savagely expel, fall into deep dark abyss, rage of nasty sea turn over to a scary death

The impoverished mind, beware! who's mistake?

Aspirations gone, interminate entreaty
Lose the way in sleepless night, temptation of heart and soul

Retreat in a mess, day and night had replaced
Day after day never alter, a vanished horizon
Live with honor, die in grief, deathless spirit

Aurora's rising from the East, a brilliant sparkling light
Light up a universe in glorious era, bear in my mind forever


Rising / Seraphim

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