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 Seraphim Seraphimрок-группа


A dream will fall to pieces, fear of overwhelming lightning
Turn over in catastrophe, my heart is burning with dying erosion

See disintegration!

Sea of fire with charming witchcraft, a regret from subconscious till the end
Groan out in filthy river, a cry of pain in memory

Illusion cracks to incomplete, gasp in the dark cold night of sorrow
Searching helpless ignorance, look up to the sky solemnly but no answer

A leisureful breathing touches quietness, never awakening!

I'm standing on the edge of firmament, recall the past that never recants
I hope the world will give a great party, drink a toast and leave, fighting to live

Walking in the pallid moonless night, all stars in turn, it's a glorious scene
Silence beside the reflection of time, the unfailing dream, that's my destiny


Destiny / Seraphim

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