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 Seraphim Seraphimрок-группа


Allegory in the open sky, cheerlessly, withering naming
The breaking black dawn of mystery,
reach for the red sky with sorrowful misdeed

Stray into a wood, hide in day and come out at night,
reluctant to leave in a messy night, imagine it!
Stare into the evil eyes, a sin that never ends,
no matter who is faithful or cheating

Under creature struggle fighting, there's no meaning,
a moan of pain in a panicked scream
Shivering lips and kiss of life, a stirring phantom in harmony

Jaded skyline let my thinking in peace,
swiveling the new universe after good wine's extraction
My heart is content without worry to sail away into the infinite energy's resplendent century

The speculation and memory seems to be crafty
Unknowing body in hard deep sleep,
moonlight splendidly, ultimate beauty!

Dusk is getting dark, reflecting burning fire,
twisted knee and weary face are heartless
Puzzle of the deep dead sea, generation never stops,
a fearless messy abandoned heart

Predestine creations amorous,
separate into the dark invisible strange mirage
The wings of mighty storm, inciting decadence when fly away

Stars are drifting down the river, awaken hereafter's reality
Brilliant irised beneath the setting sun, turn into eternity


Century / Seraphim

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