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 Seraphim Seraphimрок-группа

Beautiful New World

In brand new world foresee something, it's an easy drunken heart
Gathered stars in the sky, silence's ringing the night
Autumn relives the charming eyes in a hypnotic season
Silent pool dashes flow through in a confused universe

The lonesome midnight follows destiny, don't care in abyssal resistance
Starting my life anew to be reborn, no matter what obduracy you are

A floating unlimited age, tomorrow had portrayal
Forget life is a hardship, welcome to the beautiful new world
Willing to overlook kismet with an everlasting smile
Welcome again to the beautiful brand new world

In brand new world without prejudice, renew inquisition
Chaotic trace in the past, if it can permute again
The winter snow melts a cold heart, a shivering breathing
Frost and ice in your heart, sunset falls down alone

Unfriended loneliness soared into the air, dearly hope who can comprehend
The return freedom's intoxicated, no matter what the cherished hope is

Free from restraint and discern to make some great wishes
Lacerating thorn-way, sail in the beautiful new world
Wind is piercingly cold, whips the hot smoke
Fly with the wind to the beautiful brand new world


Beautiful New World / Seraphim

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