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 Seraphim Seraphimрок-группа


Shuttle free from live and death, hold on tangle of image
Endless foretime had buired in dangerous terrain
Night and day break that in turn, throw the plan in disorder
Fearless crossing the sea till the dyke of Acheron

Tardiness of clockwork's tick-tack, for your life in pallid world
Throw out the divine right into a raging fire

Fire is running low and high, craacks in ground,
breaking the growth of all creatures
Confine the wandering soul in prison, bedevil in hell, defeat!

Astonished wild flower, evading peace from the dark war
The broken carcass immersed in defeated break heart
In the dead hours of the night, see through your intent in deep thought
Mentalism had been turned over the wreckage

Like a purified appearance, spark of invasion

A leisurely courage in realization
Lonely people vanished in time, no more hesitation
Kissing the amicable mother earth of love
Emblazing saint fire in the night with innocent endless hope

Divination begins, my heart exchange's a pledge to
Ephemeral expectation, God give the grace!

Fire's burning like speed of light, transmigrate to fade in or fade away


Hope / Seraphim

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