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Last Memory

Ruined lamplight, rayless darkness emerges fearsomeness
An unknown future is my destiny
Frantic chasing the unmeasured kingdom of the night
Dread is covering me

Twinkle in turn, a spark of light fires the starry sky
Exhausted your mind under the dangerous strategy
Regret and affection, disconsolate is the last
Parables pass time away

Chill freezing frost, intuition came through ice cold bone
Time passes into the step of destiny
Degraded angels abandon body in chaos world
When? Where will bury me?

Songs of devotion, eulogize, hearing a great wish dry to inner repentance
Retrieve the uncontinuous old story, stay behind last memory

Darkness stop the light, a midnight fantasy

Boundless black river, limitless rosy light, lay on macadam, like night owl in
full bloom
Endmost oblation, forget in deep fright, the musty skeleton, silent

Live in trembling, live a smash hit, live in messiness
Throw the regret, throw the corruptness, throw the despair

A lingering river of tears, dripping down with sadness
Harassed by fire in my heart and soul, mournful words to say
Heartless in deep remorse, the bleeding warm heart

Atone for your crime, the whimpering cold heart


Last Memory / Seraphim

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