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Light Of The Setting Sun

Sunk into the plan of destiny, fell into changeable hardness
Sadness of your eyes, crack of the wail

Roamer of the shadow fell down into underworld, bottom of swamp

Searching the bottom of heart, heartless sandglass is running out
Teardrops of whiteness, to park forever

Inside the floating Acheron, sail on the burning fire light up the sky

I have a wish to the light of the setting sun
Control yourself & naked spirit of the dead
Echo from the abyss unceasing to cry out
Just like a devil have no home to return to

The imperious colours are light of the setting sun
Homeless spirit release to take a break slowly
Listen to the toll of a bell till dawn calmly
Just like hasten people hearing the terror knell


Light Of The Setting Sun / Seraphim

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