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 Septic Flesh Septic Fleshметалл-группа

Sumerian Daemon

On the land between of rivers where lions fly and serpents rule,
I cross the road to the ziggurat as darkness hides the moon.
I came to seek the advice of Inanna, the goddess of love and war.
But the path is unclear like the words of a Seer
from the movement of the dunes.

Windy whisperers come, from beyond the clouds.
Descend with glory to the plane earth.
Gas shaped nauseous forms hide behind the storm,
as scorpions blended with the yellow read sand.

Before me are the steps that lead to virtual ascention,
a mystical technology, the temple of dimensions.
The mysteries of Sumer manifest inside the chamber
that sits upon the top of this artificial mountain.

Sumerian Daemon

My veins are black from the blood of Tiamat.
My eyes are wide like the wheels of space and time.
My will is strong like a blow from Marduk's sword.
I am no human now because I choose to know...

Sumerian Daemon

Septic Flesh

Sumerian Daemon / Septic Flesh

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