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 Septic Flesh Septic Fleshметалл-группа

When All Is Done

So they promised you the stars,
the happiness of your distant hopes.
But as you tried to catch the moon,
its silver cape slipped through your fingers.
Fake was the dawn of their morality.
You are drowning from the flow of your emotions.

When all is none.

There is a miracle for every soul, an easy way to lose control.
The puppeteer and his dolls entertain the frantic crowd.

Invisible lands your stolen laughs, when all is none.

When all is none.

Who would be the most competent guardian for you, than yourself
Always in range, under detection even at your sleep.

Your life a white chalk on a small blackboard.

when all is none.
When all is none.

Septic Flesh

When All Is Done / Septic Flesh

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