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 Slayer SlayerАмериканская трэш-метал группа.

Screaming From The Sky

I stalk close in from above

Silent wings will test your faith

Death will never hear me pass

Launch attack you're too late

I hear flak inside my head

Deafening thunder cities burn

Carpet-bombing laid to waste

Throwned inside a death mask


Holy cross embedded in your tomb

Casualties are buried through your mind

Certain death is screaming from the sky

I live to destroy below

Hunted victims are unseen

Flying wrath a fortress hell

War machine to kill all

I leave carnage in my wake

Choking bleeding for your life

Faceless prey has been erased

Silence reigns you're dead now


Listen to the rhythm of a dead man walking

Silent is the heartbeat of the predator stalking

Hear the sound of air feel the warmth touch your neck

Reality is not fair no time to second guess

Hear the distant ringing of the blade as it cuts through your neck

Silent is the cry lying on your mattress of blood

An easy mark for a veteran of execution

I walk step by step with death

Where all bludgeoned bodies lie

You will see my face of rage

Cut your heart out of your chest

Leave impaled the consummation of mankind


Screaming From The Sky / Slayer

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