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Ball Of The Damned

They had come far from
Been invited to Lord Barker's Ball
Not aware they would celebrate their fall

On the first day red wined flowed their bellies
Hundred feet stepped and danced
Echoes of laughter were streaming through dark vaults
Barker's eyes showed their glance

Day two was the day of mysterious games
Each winner got blood painted plates
Added like puzzles – disclosing their sense
The picture was showing their fate

They stood and stared
Doors were locked
Smoke invading

Welcome to the festival
The ball of no return
Inhale the smoke

Abandoned they sucked virgins – blood
Abandoned they danced demons – rock
Hysteria was ruling, mercy not lent
Ball of the damned

Day three was the day of unbearable silence
Barker prepared the last act
Survivors were led to the chamber of violence
The basin of death had been stacked

Dipped into the mass
Gilded pain on their faces of death
They'd become figures on a board of chess


Ball Of The Damned / Scanner

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