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 Slayer SlayerАмериканская трэш-метал группа.

Die By The Sword

Live by the sword and help to contain

The helpless minds of you all

Die by my hand in pools of blood

Clutch yourself as you fall


Mindless tyranny, forgotten victims

Children slaughtered in vain

Raping the maids, in which they serve

Only the words of the Lord


Die by the sword

Die by the sword


Satan watches all of us

Smiles as some do his bidding

Try to escape the grasp of my hand

And your life will no longer exist


Hear our cry, save us from

The Hell in which we live

We turn our heads toward the sky

And listen for the steel


Die by the sword

Die by the sword


Watch as flowers decay

On (the) cryptic life that died

The wisdom of the wizards

Is only a neurtured lie

Black knights of Hell's domain

Walk upon the dead

Satanas sits upon

The blood on which he feeds


Die by the sword

Die by the sword


Die By The Sword / Slayer

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