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 Slayer SlayerАмериканская трэш-метал группа.


Jeff Hanneman/Tom Araya)

Driving compulsion, morbid thoughts come to mind

Sexual release buried deep inside

Complete control of a prized possession

To touch and fondle with no objection

Lonely souls, an emptiness fulfilled

Physical pleasures and addictive thrill

An object of perverted reality

An obsession beyond your wildest dreams


Death loves final embrace

Your cool tenderness

Memories keep love alive

Memories will never die

The excitement of dissection is sweet

My skin crawls with orgasmic speed

A lifeless object for my subjection

An obsession beyond your imagination

Primitive instinct, a passion for flesh

Primal feeding on the multitudes of death

Sadistic acts, a love so true

Absorbingly masticating a part of you


I need a friend

Please be my companion

I don't want to be

Left alone with my sanity

Erotic sensations tingle my spine

A dead body lying next to mine

Smooth blue black lips

I start salivating as we kiss

Mine forever, this sweet death

I cannot forget your soft breaths

Panting excitedly with my nads around

Your neck

Shades are drawn

No one out can see

What I've done

What's become of me

Here I stand

Above all that's been true

How I love

How I love to kill you



213 / Slayer

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