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Wrong Lane Society

Spend my life in misery
And stand it going on
But recently I got this dream
Lasting all night long

Woke up to my damned disaster
Expected nothing new
But someone there's been kidding me
He tidied up my room

No stink and no poisoned cockroach
No dust of ages
Either found my boots nor blue jeans
That's why I tried to escape

Living on the wrong lane
Welcome to the ball of pride and glory
Living on the wrong lane
Take what the mob gives to you
The mob gives to you

Walking through my strange dream
People stared at him
At first I didn't recognize
I showed my nude pin

I was called Mr. McDonnald
Relleased from by mess
Was treated like millionaires
When I reached downtown

Could buy me some silken clothes
No need to pay cash
Was invited to Hilton Hotel
Changes I could not explain

Folks I'm gonna tell you honestly I have this dream
Captured in a symphony of living easily
Enjoyed my life like it had been before I reached that realm
Boring situation if I'd become a rich fat man

No silken socks and no credit
No golden cages
Wanna live in my dirty chamber
Don't care if life's trash remains

Living on the wrong lane
Fuck off to the ball of pride and glory
Living on the wrong lane
Give what the snob's gossip needs


Wrong Lane Society / Scanner

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