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Welcome to your joyful plotted nightmare
Yeah, this cute horror-trip was booked for you
Don't dare to flee before this night
Has climbed it's gorgeous peak
Enjoy the games of shadow-mights
The growth of satan's seed

Coroner's dance
They've come to lead you to the dark
Coroner's dance
Your life is at stake
No chance to awake
Out of your Nightmare

One sperm caused your total incarnation
Millions let their life for you to live
Now tables turned the other way
Your body for a soul
Still caught in hell to be released
With your infernal fall

So every time you close your eyes
Beware to fall asleep
Cause creatures from the other side
They gratify their greed

1 and 2 we gonna come to you
3 and 4 we're knocking at your door
5 and 6 take your crucifix
7 and 8 we appear at night
9 and 10 we gonna meet you then


Nightmare / Scanner

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