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Out Of Nowhere

Here I am at a standstill
No move I'm biding time
Desultoriness in my proceedings
Cought by her spell I'm coming

Out of Nowhere
May wounds be sutured without scars?
Out of Nowhere
Hatred to nurture?! So damned you are!

Still we live in the world
We're judged by the colour of skin
Plated with silver and gold
The radical changes in fits of spleen

And now more and more fed
With depressions backed
We're crying but nobody hears
Coming out!
Now I see I'm blind!


I remember... once I believed in God
But he left me in the lurch
Now I return, I build my own kingdom
I'll make your desires burn
And all the nightmares come true

Sweet lullabies

Darling, I've been held in your arms
Hear the truth, the freedom's bell
See this lie through the eyes of my hell

Here I am at a standstill, no move
Can't you see I'm crying out
There's no sun in the shadow of unrequited love
Caught by it's spell I'm raving mad
Keep the silence, I'll make it burn!


Out Of Nowhere / Scanner

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