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Into A Brave Man's Mind

Dawning at the eve
The sun melts the horizon
Soft winds on their way
To follow the dawn

Listening to the quiet
I hear an inner voice:
Remember to seize the days
Wasteful passing by

Lost forever far behind a curtain
A life as wasted as laughter – entailed tears

Mystery is calling
A secrect world's around
Mystic constellation of vision and sounds
I'm standing calm beside myself

Speed me up! I'll be a thunder
Take me high! Hallowed rise
Speed me up! Don't mind the manner
Take me high! Tonight

Magic sings of devil's fateful nature
Don't follow dumb and blind
Magic signs of someone who astrays ya
Make up your smokescreened mind

Powerblast injection
My veins are overloaded
Body's last reaction
My mortal soul is sold
Skin as white as ivory

Brought me down! Now I remember
Stole my soul! Snowy white
Brought me down! I'm a sinner
Stole my soul! That night

In nomine patris et spiritus sancti
In nomine patris et spiritus sancti

Los non exiguum
Tempus habere
Geb multum perbere apparet

Ita est:
Lon accipimus bregem
Ditam, sed facimus

Now I live where angels fly
And guardians keep my honour
I watch the eath with cleared-up eyes
And have to stay forever
Left a life behind down under
Wasn't worth to live
Another chance, another time
I'd take it as a gift

Speed me up! I will remember
Take me high! Back in time
Speed me up! But my mind the manner
Take me back! Tonight


Into A Brave Man's Mind / Scanner

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