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Conception Of A Cure

Give me your hand
I'll show you a different space
Break the barriers of time
I'll be your guide through another dimension
Just free your mind

Get rid of a bias
Have no doubt

I'm called the Essential the central computer
My name is Captain Voice
And I'm the healer – I feed your mind
I'm your healer

Get rid of a bias, make you not doubt
Get rid of a bias, time runs out

Mental healer
I'm the medical agent when truths belie
The drug dealer and you should comply
Mental healer
The future, the past and the now won't lie
The healer is operating inside of you

Give me your hand
I'll expose you eternity
Nothing's obstructing the way
Transcendence we'll grasp I'll do all
So you feel OK

Being in two minds... time's out !!!


Conception Of A Cure / Scanner

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