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After The Storm

Can't you hear, can't you hear our moans, our crying?
Dark is here, the mothers grieve, their babies dying
Oh merciful Lord, forgive we kept our heads in the sand
Not to blame, beyond is where we'll apprehend

Out in the war it's hand to keep the faith
Knowing nobody's giving us true hopes

After the Storm we'd watch the new sunrise
But the sun is obscured in sight doesn't heave
After the Storm we'd wish him to arise
Again dispel the dark clouds, forgive and let live

So many questions not any answers has been told
Where should we go
How long we'll stay blind in this crystal world
Out in the war, how should we keep the faith
Knowing nothing gives us hope at all
And the blizzard going on... still...

"I know that nothing gives me a ray of hope
But true is my regret – the tears under the iron vell..."


After The Storm / Scanner

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