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From The Dust Of Ages

We're surrounded, there's no escape
Landed on a world, attacked by gods who sent a storm
Now the waters rise so unbelievably
And vulcans spit a holy fire and destroy
Spit it and destroy

We traveled through the time
To spread the human seed
Wherever we've been seen
We disappeared in mystery

We came to see how people fight
The Gods who sent eternal night
We're the last
We came to late to stop the stream of time

Can it be a lack of pride, a lack of honor
Can it be a plan that is divine
Can in be a lack of pride, a lack of honor
Can this be mistakes that are divine

Reborn in another dimension
Where unknown colors and noises are bringin' you tension
Step through the halls of disaster
Work till you bleed and obey your invisible master

Missin' the moon in the night
Finding yourself for a world of violet light

Welcome home from the dust of ages
Welcome home from the dust of time
We don't know if we'll leave some traces
The world that we've known disappears
In the dust of time

The world will end with surrender
The civilization's destroyed
And all things we know will disappear in the end
We live in a mystery world

Atlantis was an island, so the story's told
Where the Gods melted fire with a storm
Atlantis was a garden, so beautiful divine
Where mankind has been given its first home
So beautiful divine


From The Dust Of Ages / Scanner

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