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Emptiness inside my purse
And in my pockets too
Hell, I guess there is a giant-hole
Where all the cash falls through

All I need
All I need's a wonder
I need a wonder

I need a new microphone
A pair of leather boots
Tell me
How can I play my next metal show
And save me from surrender

Some days I dream
Someone would beam
A giant heap of money straight for me

I need a wonder
Wonder to rescue me
I need a wonder
Wonder to save my soul
I need a wonder
Wonder to save me from a fall
I need a wonder
A wonder to rescue me from fallin'

Millions of guys around the world
Havin' the same dream
Tryin' to live rock 'n'roll
And get into the scene

Waitin' months and years to play
In always changing bands
Other guys do serious work
Earn money with their hands


Wonder / Scanner

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