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Retaliation Positive

Sirs, now that you've saved me, I think I must explain
I am mankind's dreadful legacy
Inheritance of those who fear

And you, who look so strange, it seems you go the might
So reinforce my iron hull
And help me to return

DO YOU KNOW – I was left alone
Hate kills – it's deep down in my bones
Think hard – wish I was dead
Hate kills – please tell me why I'm bad

Hate kills Hate – Hate kills Hate

I always took the wrong way, when I made my choice
Invincible body, destructive mind, decisions of a god-damned fool

I – I lived a life of criminal desire
I – was a tool in fate's cold grip

Break the wall – but there's still so much pain
Leave your hell – so many times I've tried

AND NOW YOU KNOW – too late to turn
Hate kills – still my bowels burn
Think hard – can't go ahead
Hate kills – a chance to start again

Hat kills Hate – Hate kills Hate

Break the wall – you did wipe off the pain
Leave your hell – you did boost me up

AND NOW YOU KNOW – no longer alone
Hate kills – feel like made of stone
Think hard – I strike out the past
Hate kills – but how long will it last?

Hate kills – Hate


Retaliation Positive / Scanner

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