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 Scanner Scannerметалл-группа


We have come, we travelled space through the galaxies
From a place that's named Galactos Led by R.M.U.
Behind our back the unseen focus all-electric fate
Avoiding warfare's deadly tactics Rescue infantry we act superior

Like a hawk in the sky – programmed to trace (we can watch ya)
Like a hawk in the sky – we zoom into ya
Like a hawk in the sky – invisible strike (we can watch ya)
Like a hawk in the sky – we keep the balance, lead the way

Contradictions, rotten morality, did you ever learn?
Hypocrites and puny humans
If there's a judgment day you better pray
We observe each single movement, feel our presence everywhere
In your houses out in the streets
Perpetually we stare hidden from the sight

Stop the wars!
No need to be brave men!
Cease the fights!


R.M.U. / Scanner

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