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 Satyricon Satyriconгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

The Scorn Torrent

Break down all conventional forms and create
chaos to reinvent order
Rebel against all circles and dead ends
fight your way with your mind set on the massees
execute with mechanical aggression
arrogance and extravaganze
march an unapproachable
shut out the outside pressure
or are you too weak?
when shall they see the REAL darkness?

In a world where our justice is replaced by mercy
...mercy for the inferior

The serpent's maelstrom is already here
just waiting to be unchained
so feed the fire with the vile and let sincerity rule
why can't you see that the armoured hostile aura
is meant to keep you away in all your primal simplicity
(it seems like) fright procreates the downfall of the mind
such a sin isn't it... the stagnation of it all

You must collect your instruments of battle
and protect, to emancipate that which lives within you

Rebel against the chains
Break down the embodiment of your pain
Attack with robot precision
Rise and Shine under Wings of Divinity

Now pick me up night and whirlwind
and let me ride with you
to peace of mind and nothing to Rebel


The Scorn Torrent / Satyricon

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