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 Satyricon Satyriconгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

Night Of Divine Power

(Remake Of "The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest" From "Dark Medieval Times")


Dark, horned, I spin over dead funeral realm (wonder to realm side)
Come forth unholy winter behold unmake in clad
Hail mistress of the night, so (call) dark black grim and evil

To live possessed by the springing dance
I could feel the presence of the shadows from lament deepest dark
Never come in wind's breath

When I reign, baptized by that full moon night
Let bell hordes come to me, justice one I fight

When all we're near – death is here
I wonder eternally, blood

An easement wondering
We wonder fields of blood

Black fog of the moon it's a symbol maculate
And night plague, its turn realm back side


Night Of Divine Power / Satyricon

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