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across the night

across the night

it was the moon that stole my slumber

across the night

i feel in love wiyh people slepping

and huggedd a man's artistic shoulder

i feel tired, asleep in a golden ocean

yuoe eyes perspired, a spike in my fascination

i don't near to make you cry

but this feeling will un night trough thr night

and i'll only make you cry whit these feelings

sleepless,untamed with a leash on the light around me

so let us be married and have another baby

cuz i don'y wanna be lonely i just wanna be alone

yeah let's just us get married shouting baby,baby,babies

"you'll never sleep at all"

but i don't wanna be lonely

never see the sunshine

from higher points than sunn'se

i don't wanna be lonely

i just wanna be alone


across the night / Silverchair

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