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 Disgorge Disgorgeрок-группа


Seed of hate
Lurks so inhumanly
With bile and waste
Within every pore of the body
Hatred to every kind of color and race

Dementia swarms so excite
In this rancid withered life
So fuckin tight

All with pride of hell
And fuckin maim
To the fuckin most psychotic high
Consume and incinerate
Through virulence with craze untimely to end

Excremential emotions of the putrescence
Incepts my needs of the flesh
Rotting excess to fullfill

The inspiring amour of this lascivious maze

Through drugs and every narcotic
Paradise of shit and rot
Orgiasmic flow of necrotized curds
Inbreeds so ferociously and so fuckin

Excrete and humiliate the weak
Sadistic power of the dead
Turn water to pus
And food for vomit

Infest with excrement the earth
Destroy and consume every sign of life
Discharges of blobbing sensations
Blurs my senses so deranged

Of excrement feeds
Within every rotten corpse inbreeds
Pestilence rise
And devours the sky
Intoxicating air corrupts
Every kind of living and moribund

Carbonized festered entrails
Ripped out from the earth
This is the end

Seas of shit
Inundated through destruction
Vile, vomit and gelatinous emanations
Erupts with chyme
From cavernous six feet down

Crashing endo relapses
Of hallowed obscure visions
Fumes of swarming dementia
Blows my sanity
Incepts my motion of the dead

Inanimated forces of the dead
Violently turns into a funeral pyre

Destroy life
Hate to mankind
Rancid necrholocaust
Destroy life


Necrholocaust / Disgorge

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