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 Disgorge Disgorgeрок-группа

Ravenous Funeral Carnage

Shredding instantly from neck to groin
Opening your stenching recto
Piercing torso with sharpening offal cysts
Rancid coprophagous blysts

Progressive introduction of faeces
Makes me tighten in gorgasm
Putrid motherfucking foul clot inhaling
Starts to febrile rots my entrails

Your scarlet pale skin through my veins
Sick performing
Tracto spinal butchery
Your esophagus excretes the carnage
Bleaking cranial destruction

Advanced lascivious extreme sodomize
With virulent slaying absurd
Compulsive needs of my carnage
Emanates from your eroded skin
When I vile sodomize your festered entrails
Cataclysmic reeking cruelty

Imploding your entrails
Till your eyesockets
I perverse fuckin destroy
Through my realm of putrid ecstasy

As a ravenous prey warrior of the rot
I disgustly regurgitate and entirely devours
Again and again into everlasting savagery
With shit I predate
With utter bloodthirst

Oxidased razors
Decompose and explodes
Funerary mutilating darkness
In this putrid inferno

Mayhemic atrocious
Necrotic consumption
Bestial wicked infested abomination
Rectal spinal boiling slaughter
As a dog of pestilential lust

As I disembowel
Every dermic tissue with saws

Malignant insertion
Putrefaction increase
Cadaverous contagious seeding
Into crepitating pungent tissue
I sadistic insert

The creation of proliferous
Breeding of the posthumous disenter

Grim vomited poisoned desires

As a beast, rapacious for carnal lust
Blades slowly slicing with bloodreaping



Ravenous Funeral Carnage / Disgorge

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