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Sodomic Baptism

Pungent and viscose malignant inception
For this inhuman new borning mess

Consumed gnawing entrails
Desecrating our perverse cultive from this grave
Necromanic years passed in delight
For eating, embalming and doping

The inhume soils that we left in slags
Decrepit joy by open wide tracts
Of the little fermenting recently baptizeds
Utter necrophilic nocturnal impiety
Storming diabolic is the search

Sodomic baptism
For necrophilic exhuming lust
Sodomic baptism
Is what we create for blasphemy and total rot

Years in seeking the most putrid fume
All laid resting silent graveyards
Peace no more
To this succulent cadaverous slash
Frying on guts and vile

Sardonicus skin flooded
Demented necro sentient
To this miasmic afterbirth of gore
Smouldering evacuate
Quartering incinerate

Plundering remains of this tender sodomy
I need!

Dementia, madness allied in a pernicious aim
Morphitic grubs intrudes the post mortem domains
Slaughtering and baptizing new incubations
The reeking altar of rancid evacuations

The stiff and death rot
Ripping cold fields
Of the death
Sentenced to lurk six feet down
Where maggots and hellish creatures lives in dread

Necro narcotic rituals in xisma and vile
When our foetid floating yellowish inception
Ravenous dispute between this funeral pyre
Horrendous maze
Of grotesque womb execration

Gulping phelgmy goulash
Piquance in the pot
Through this incessant
Aborting choke

Festering grimly, torrently
On the rot
Frenzied necromancy now mangled in clots
Wrectal paroxysm
Rammed by my jaws
Foul grumming joy
In this slaughtering dawn

Sodomic baptism


Sodomic Baptism / Disgorge

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