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Silks Sphinter Anal Lumen

stiffness in the tract
to precipitate with grumes
sorening sites of regurgitate
obscure remains
infraspinaate boiling shit infect
suppure and abuse the
obliterating sphincter
junction of the arteries
pathogenesis cartilega
dissecting inward
tractally decimated
at the necrose lumen
fibrose adorn
collagenic cutaneal
shredding in half
on my masticxate i find
remains of shit
symmetric mucoskeletal
pulsatille hunk of limbs
as ectopia via anal xanthomes
streak the vessels
dissected and viciously molested
the tract begins to
silks the fungoids
my findings contrast
in the flux of your edema
extended dampenings itchs
bathing the soak of the loath
regressed in the obliterance
of your lumen
cytoided scabbing
perfored ladders
epiglotes multiple organ dysfuncts
with shit and vomits
i fistulized the virulence
cadaveric flatulentia
pseud coprophagist
colonic activity
uremic odour increments
in the boil
pelvic lupus grims in the drainage
rectal fissures in the most
putrid clench
plamatic shitty adornements
within my axe
septic silks pigments through
the extirpating segments
cephallic lumen wrists
vollatile germs that dwells
in the copro
clins and axes within your tract
blending your bowels
intrinsic in the plastia
sewing traumatic adipose and
adhesive fecal tripes
embryonic massacres
in the fistules exposed
faeces having
ulcerative proctisism
the hepatic strangled
and perforated anal tract
what i delight
visceral orgy
with excrements in lumen
pro necrotic coagulated
morphometry in the blood
affected cryptogenous
total coprophagist necrony
ripped half tractions
exhumating endothelial
fibrose effects
deviated disgusts in fractures
of the infected copro
emmanating the rupture
vilism of the hacks
blothing quistic cloning shit
in boiling shit i swarm
decomposing and calcinated
formaldehyde tissues
shoving feacalized pustules
into the groin
secretory exposing functions
within the vulva
smashed rejections
sick endocrine
multiple organ cianide
silks sphincter
excremental consumer in hacks
slaughtering via anal lumen


Silks Sphinter Anal Lumen / Disgorge

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