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Lynphatic Orgy In A Ulcerated Incubation

excrescent mess on excoriate
multi ocular effervescing clots
orgyal semen eating and transforming
renal erosions satisfying my costive
cynic and perverse
lashing and choped
oral ulceration, feasting detruncation

fermenting corpora cava
in soggy pulp
dorso craved on porous vomit growth
cervycal aneorosis
frying your tract
mutated offal in warmly ecstasia

lunch of boiling rectal spinal germs
cracked colony of bio decomposure

gnawing and drying your nail bladder
disconnect all dermis insective
perverse defects septic amorphia
processing all digest dehydrated germ
phelgmy scouring
lynphoid excretion
neural sarcophagy on the spinal
collapsing on splattered roasting scrub
you're slowly drowned
by my gore soak plasm

embalmed in saliva
and masticate endo phallia
a trip in your anatomy
consume all suppure ruptures

the sound of the flyes eating the clench
of your dilute

linphatic soggy excitement
meat of abdominal regions
in my defleshed vile pungently tumour
wasting all canker eating tissue

in your snaped grotesque wound
neo suppuration
carnage ulcerose insides

plagued with macabre deformed cysts
slushing the chymes of aqueos putrescent

the connection of all arteryes
in your fetid flood y explore
only relics
intestinal disorder on muched spasms

grimmed festal of sticky black mush
mincing on your ampute delicious sliced
cavities the orgy continues
in carnivore beyond the grotesque

wrecking semi digest
blists on the placent
genitorturing and encrust you in vomit
licking all your abrupt
lacerating your shreded remains
disgorged fragments of skin

swollen the breaking mixture
entrails calcinate and full of suffering
mincing the urinal complex
organisms full of bizarre
boiling through my oxidisied
scalpel cynical ferment

the pus on pectoral rigid sector
drag you in clots blastomy finished

on necro digested
vocal chords totally munch and full of piss
cutting the pulverize
corporal emunction
the parasites swarm into ossified
mangling your cranium
exposing your caenage insides


Lynphatic Orgy In A Ulcerated Incubation / Disgorge

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