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Death Through The Centuries

Through the many centuries died a lot of people.
All of them were different.
Some had been genius and soma had been mad.
Every body had lived in a different time but on this same planet.
Through their lives they earned a lot of energetic ideas and they
put everything to the their minds.
People died and their brains stoppedworking.
Where are their souls? Where are their feelings?
Where are their thoughts?
It died with their bodies?

Just the kill, fight and murder
Might and will, we will conquer
What's the cost, for suffering
All is lost, who is winning?
Blades of steel, piercing armor
Reckoning, who is smarter
Bludgeoning, years of violence
Awakening, fear and silence

We can find a better way
We have the power, we can surpass
In just one hour, they could collapse
Face the injustice, use the black night
The plagues upon us, you must decide
We can find the better way
An aberration with malcontent
So much confusion, who's in command?
Many illusions, clouding our sight
Is this an omen, should we still fight?

Death through the centuries
Where are people's minds
Death through the centuries
Where are people's lives


Death Through The Centuries / Krabathor

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