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 Krabathor Krabathorгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

Surviving On Arrogance

Replacing some one else
You can just be yourself
The door has since been closed
Now it's a better show
Change can make you afraid
Seeing a better face

We'll have to educate
To walk any from it
We can erase the hate
Or we'll just thrive on it
Originality so far I haven't seen
It's like a piece of dirt
Oh my God that must hurt

Don't be afraid, change can be good
Some times new blood is misunderstood
Look your behind, look to your soul
May be you'll find, it's under control

We survive on arrogance
Laughing at your jealousy
Really it's incompetence
Just a minor passing phase


Surviving On Arrogance / Krabathor

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