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They Are Unfortunately Dead

I saw the mighty waves
They were crashing against the hull
The vessel would soon be forgotten
I was feeling the pain of them all
So far from the safety of shore
There's often a need to explore

The captain they thought was God
Incapable of a mistake
He had just finished a shot
Unfortunately it was too late
The trust that they put in one man
Had ended before it began
The liquid he chose to abuse
Apparently it was his muse

The passengers huddled in terror
Poor judgement and many an error
A sad and untimely end
The vessel would soon descend
The minute you step out that door
A chance that you will be no more

They are unfortunately dead
The end of the book as it's read
The faces have changed in the river
Unwillfully they died in terror
They are unfortunately dead
At the end of a book and it's red
A mistake that ended in error
That led to their dying in horror

Along the Western sea
There was a ship that once sailed
A date with destiny
It can no longer be found
The captain he new so well
Due south he'd end up in Hell


They Are Unfortunately Dead / Krabathor

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