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 Krabathor Krabathorгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

Tales Of Your History

Everything I can tell
is here on this paper
Everything I can write
is here in my mouth
I can't catch the thoughts
because I lost them in the past
All what I've said before
is not truth but otherwise...

Do I have to fear my life
or can it to be so much worse?
Now I am still living in ... living in ...
...living hypnosis

Do I have to fear our mind
or can it be so much better?
Now I am still living in...
...living in fear

Say everything through my mouth
See everything through my blood
Think of everything through my brain
Tell everything through my own God

Tales of your history
you fell so much scarefully?
Tales of your history
or you feel so painfully?

You can see the future
you don't know what's gonna be
You've seen the past
and there hurts something
You want to clean your life down
but everything stay in your history



Tales Of Your History / Krabathor

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