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 Krabathor Krabathorгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

Forget The Gods

spoiled brains
are speaking through the wring mouth
its poisoned tongue
is slimy like a snake
when tempting my mind
to devotion
i'm starting to hate
the sticky presence of faith

forget the gods

with own pride
blind adoring
for their prosperity
scream! scream! scream!
nobody's hearing
scream into the silence!
gods are silent...

thousands of bloodies wortless lives
and youth is dying
no justice
and no god
its – a reality!!!

forget the gods lead: christopher

where are your gods?
i want to know it!!!
and why are they silent?
now you are silent too
scream! scream! scream!...


Forget The Gods / Krabathor

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