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 Deicide Deicideгруппа, играющая в стеле дэт-металл

The Lord's Sedition

Discontention anger vented, overthrow them with rejection
Higher power in regression diabolical obsessions
Over run with fornication, deadly sins manipulation
Disapproval by the faithful, lords sedition from the papal

Murder god and Jesus pieces
Everyone of them deleted
Slit the throat of their religion
Execute the lords sedition

For the pain thou has caused this world your embodiment will confine you
Truth now shines in the valley of death, when lambs lay down and all die to

Decimate crucifixion
Congregate contradiction
Convertion of the Christians
Kill themselves with sedition

Time after time they have failed with him, when try to hide what their up to
Under thou cant protect them since the light of god is devalued

Stab to death his conviction
End their reign of decision
No more god and religion
Burn in hell for sedition

Anarchism to the visions, sanctimonious condition
Vail of darkness has been lifted, testament of god resisted
In deny of gods forgiveness, nullifying his religion
Go to hell with all your rich's for the crime of his sedition

Sacraments of light receded
On the ground the cross defeated
Hanging priest with there confessions
Free this world from there deception

Slith the throat of their religion, execute the lords sedition


The Lord's Sedition / Deicide

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