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 Deicide Deicideгруппа, играющая в стеле дэт-металл

Sacrificial Suicide

Satanized, crucified, feel the wrath of suicide
Incus fear of the sphere, angel darkness disappears
Covenant, blasphemous, open up unhollness (unholyness?)
Father Satan, let me just unholy sins

Suicide sacrifice
Destruction of holy life
Blood of unholy knife
Satan I sacrifice

Behold the crucifix, symbol of sterility
I am crucifix – Satan
Suicide sacrifice, profeasting evil night
Lust into reality – Satan
Angel of the black abyss, Satan Lord I hall (hail?)
Insane blasphemous – Satan
Sacrifical suicide, Ritual to end my life
Benemoth incess my fate – Satan

Dammed to tell, end of my life
Wrath of God – Satan (Warth?)
Sin my soul, blesses with fire
Throne of stone – Satan
I must die, in my wake
Seventh gate – Satan
Suicide, end my life
I must die – Satan

Suicide sacrifice, thrust of evil deep inside
Lucifer never lies, take away thee mortal life
DemiGod, Satan son, commend to body to the ground
Father Satan, I'll find peace when I am God



Sacrificial Suicide / Deicide

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