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Джил Скотт Джил СкоттАмериканская певица и актриса.


hello 13x

mmmmmm this morning my man exclusively introduced me

to some good extra lovin

he was lickin and suckin on everything just the way he should

this morning's extra lovin was good

we lay there sweaty sex funky happy as we want to be

lovin exclusively my man and me all night all morning

so our stomachs were growlin hungrily

so i jumped up and rushed to the store

in hopes of coming back and getting a little more of

this morning's good extra lovin

at the market the people were pushing and shoving

trying to be the next in line the turn was mine

the new girl at the counter was cute but not as fine as me

was this some kind of women's intuition some kind of insecurity

nah cuz my man is happy at home lovin me exclusively

so i shook my head wassup

hello she smiled as she rung me up

orange juice 3 29 croissants 4 85

she sniffed butter 89

she sniffed strawberries 1 50 a pint

she sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed again

and then replied raheem right


Джил Скотт

Exclusively / Джил Скотт

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